All you want to know about Geraniol, and much more.



Respectful of humans and environment-friendly compound, Geraniol is an alternative to the traditional pesticides used to control insects.

Our knowledge of the molecule and our know-how in formulating biocidal products makes us to be the undisputed specialist of Geraniol in Europe

BREYNER as a member of the Task Force defending the active substance Geraniol (CAS 106-24-1) in the framework of the BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation of the European Community n°528/2012) is listed, pursuant to the article 95, as an official supplier of the active substance and products containing the active substance for the Product Types 18 ("insecticides, acaricides and products to control other arthropods") and 19 ("Repellents and attractants").

If you are willing to purchase from BREYNER, we can provide you with 2 types of active ingredient: 100% plant-based and pure “classic” geraniol; and synergized or water-soluble specialties as well.

Don’t hesitate to revert back to us if you need a letter of Access (LoA). We are at your disposal to meet your expectations.


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